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The trademark application for LPWAN was filed on June 11, 2017, with 3 designated Nice Classes under EUTM trademark no. 016842941. The trademark was successfully registered on September 22, 2017.

Trademark holder MatchX GmbH was not represented by any third party.

No oppositions were raised during the publication period (90 days starting June 15, 2017).

Current trademark registration will expire on June 11, 2027.

Trademark Name LPWAN Trademark No. 016842941
Type Word Status Registered
Filling Date June 11, 2017 Registration Date September 22, 2017
NICE Classes 9, 38, 41 Basis EUTM
Reference Status Date September 22, 2017
Owner Information
Owner MatchX GmbH
Owner ID 836544
Legal Status Legal entity
Country DE
Address MatchX GmbH
Adalbert Str.8
D-10999 Berlin
NICE CLASS Descriptions
Class Class Description
Computers, Software, Electronic instruments, & Scientific appliances

Wireless receivers; Wireless transmitters; Wireless routers; Wireless communication devices; Wireless transmitters and receivers; Adapters for wireless network access; Antennas for wireless communications apparatus; Aerials for wireless communications apparatus; Computer software for wireless network communications; Computer software for wireless content delivery; Wireless communication devices for voice, data, or image transmission; AC/DC converters; Electric power units; AC/DC power supplies; Electric cables and wires; Aerials; Radio antennas; Radio wave transmitting aerials; Printed circuits; Printed electrical circuits; Printed circuit boards incorporating integrated circuits; Printed circuit boards; Electronic tags; Electronic security tags; Software; Electromechanical software; Sensory software; Computer software; Operating system software; Network management software; USB operating software; Recorded computer software; Cloud computing software; Internet access software; Computer software platforms; Embedded operating software; Software for GPS navigation; Software for mobile phones; Computer software for accessing databases; Computer software for mobile phones; Computer hardware; Computer networking hardware; Network cables; WAN [wide area network] operating software.


Wireless communications services; Wireless transfer of data via wireless application protocols; Wireless electronic transmission of informations; Wireless electronic transmission of data; Wireless transfer of data via the Internet; Electronic network communications; Telecommunication network services; Mobile telecommunications network services; Radio communication network services; Computer network communication services; Operation of a telecommunications network; Worldwide computer network access services; Telecommunications services between computer networks; Operating of electronic communications networks; Message sending via computer networks; Providing access to telecommunication networks; Communication via virtual private networks; Transmission of information by electronic communications networks.

Education, Amusement, Entertainment, Reproduction

Conference services; Arranging conferences; Conducting of business conferences; Organising of education conferences; Arranging and conducting conferences; Organising of educational conferences; Organization of educational conferences; Organisation of seminars and conferences; Organisation of conferences relating to training; Arranging of conferences relating to training; Arrangement of conferences for recreational purposes; Planning of conferences for educational purposes; Arranging of conferences relating to cultural activities; Organisation of conferences relating to vocational training; Arranging and conducting of conferences and congresses; Arranging of an annual conference relating to telecommunications; Consultancy relating to arranging and conducting of conferences; Consultancy and information services relating to arranging, conducting and organisation of conferences; Adult education services relating to commerce; Adult education services relating to intellectual property; Arrangement of seminars for educational purposes; Arranging and conducting of educational courses; Arranging of exhibitions for training purposes; Commercial training services; Conducting workshops [training]; Education services relating to computers; Editorial consultation; Multimedia publishing of electronic publications; Multimedia publishing of journals; Multimedia publishing of magazines; Multimedia publishing of magazines, journals and newspapers; Multimedia publishing of newspapers; Newspaper publication; Publication of books; Publication of catalogues; Publication of electronic magazines; Arranging of contests; Arranging of demonstrations for entertainment purposes.

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