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Office Action Response


Response to all kinds of informality issues, such as:

  • Agreement to a disclaimer request

  • Improper Speciments

  • Amendment of identification of goods/services

  • Change/addition of an intentional class (+government fee for any additional classes)

  • Improper Entity Type

  • Translation of foreign words

  • Amendment of filing basis

  • Claims of ownership of other applications

Office Action Response


Response to substantial refusal or argue against examiner's opinion, such as:

  • Refusal on basis of descriptiveness, geographic significance, surname, or other substantive objections

  • Assertion of acquired distinctiveness with arguments/evidence

  • Argument against a disclaimer request

  • Refusal on basis of ornamentation

  • Deadline missed but no later than 2 months after notice of abandonment issued

  • Additional Information about specimens

Likelihood of Confusion
Office Action Response


  • Argument against the refusal based on likelihood of confusion with cited similar trademarks. We will normally draft 7 to 13 pages of argumentation to convinced the USPTO to approve your application.