Trademark Registration in Philippines Details


Our licensed Trademark Attorneys in Philippines will handle your trademark request, check all formalities, and then file with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. You will receive confirmation of filing and a copy of the filling request. We will contact you immediately if any subsequent office actions require additional information, or if there are any opposition in Philippines against your application.

After the formal examination at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines the trademark will be published for opposition to allow third parties to oppose if they believe that the mark infringes on their brands. The opposition period in Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines is 30 days after publication. You will receive status updates as soon as your mark is published, and any actions the will take if oppositions are received.

If no oppositions arise and your trademark is formally approved, you can expect registration 3 to 6 months.

As Philippines is a member of the Paris Convention, you can claim the priority of your filing in any other filing in national trademark offices of countries that are part of the Paris Convention.