Trademark Study in Major Trademark Jurisdictions

If your trademark is turned down in a significant jurisdiction - like the United States or at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), there is no need to throw the towel – yet. Having trademark protection in at least one jurisdiction is essential, especially when protecting against attacks against domain ownership through the Unified Domain Resolution Policy (UDRP), which gives claimants that prove trademark protection a tool to take domain names without compensation.

Here are some significant trademark jurisdictions – and why we like them:

Benelux (BOIP): The Benelux is an economic association of the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, and the Benelux Trademark Office exists parallel to the EUIPO. Being a neglected market, your application does not have so many others to compete with. Even though English is not an official language of any of its member countries, applicants can elect to communicate in English, and receive all correspondence in English. Also, Benelux trademarks can oppose any trademark applications in the European Union

Germany: The German trademark office does not correspond in English (don’t worry, our attorneys will do that), but one very unique aspect is that trademarks are registered before the opposition period expires. This means that trademark registrations are usually issued very fast. And of course, German trademarks are also eligible to oppose any trademark applications at the European level

Hong Kong: As a major epicenter of trade between Asia and Europe, Hong Kong is well respected, and corresponds in English.

United Kingdom: With the United Kingdom having crashed out of the E.U., many brands still have to establish their IP presence in the U.K. European Union trademarks can NO LONGER oppose trademark applications at the UK IPO, so if you have been rejected or opposed in the E.U., you may have a chance in the United Kingdom

OUR RECOMMENDATION is to conduct a trademark study first. We will research registrability and the overall competitive trademark climate for your brand. Then you can decide what jurisdiction is worth pursuing before you spend serious money on the process.
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Before filing your trademark, it is important that you evaluate possible obstacles that may arise during the registration process. Our Trademark Comprehensive Study will not only list similar trademarks {graphic/phonetic} that may conflict with yours, but also give you an Attorney's opinion about registration possibilities.