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Trademarkers Services

What We Offer

TradeMarkers provides trademark and intellectual property protection for brands used in the United Kingdom and internationally. We work with a wide range of clients, from small businesses establishing a corporate identity to large companies with a portfolio of brands.

Our full-service solutions cover the entire process of acquiring and protecting a trademark. This includes:

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Trademark Study

Registering a trademark is not always a simple matter of submitting an application. Many jurisdictions do not make information readily available to the public and some do not provide reliable data online. Researching similarities to your trademark can be a complex task.

There are several reasons why you might want to begin the registration process with a study:

  • If there is a pre-existing claim to your trademark, it is best to know this before you have invested time and resources into an application
  • Trademark similarities can be ambiguous and are best evaluated by a legal professional
  • It is possible to accidentally infringe on someone else’s trademark if you are not aware of its existence
  • A trademark study provides a snapshot of potential brands in your target market

With representation in almost every major jurisdiction, TradeMarkers has up-to-date information on trademark application activities. Hence, we are able to offer the following services:

  • Full analysis of existing trademarks, including similarities in appearance, sound, connotation and commercial impression
  • Consultation on what to do if an existing similarity is found
  • Enquiry with local trademark offices, as necessary
  • Detailed reporting on the availability of relevant marks and recommendations for your application

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Trademark Registration

The ownership of a trademark is not automatically granted merely by using it. Generally speaking, only by going through the legal process of registration can you ensure rights to your trademark.

With a legally registered trademark, you gain several benefits:

  • Potential copycats are deterred from infringing on your brand
  • The ability of other brands to claim that you are infringing on their trademark is severely diminished
  • If a confusingly similar mark is filed, it is much easier to pursue legal action against infringements
  • A registered trademark allows your brand to gain wider recognition

TradeMarkers navigates through the registration process so that you can get the trademarks you want in the countries where you do business. We provide our clients with the following:

  • Filing services in over 150 countries and treaty regions
  • Consultation throughout the registration process
  • Entry into closed and restricted countries, where trademark registration is especially difficult
  • Real-time updates regarding the status of your application

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Trademark Monitoring

Even after registration, your trademark is only secure as long as your ownership of it is enforced. Filing offices see thousands of applications every day, and many of them do not check for similarities prior to processing applications. Regular monitoring is vital to ensuring that other parties do not lay claim to your trademark.

Some things to consider regarding the importance of monitoring your trademark:

  • Infringements must be acted upon immediately – in some cases you may have only a few months to act
  • Trademark applications differ vastly from country to country – often, only a local expert truly knows what is being filed
  • If your trademark is compromised, you may encounter trouble selling your good or service, even if it is an established brand

Our monitoring services include:

  • Monitoring by legal experts, journalists, and researchers
  • Immediate notification if an application for a mark similar to your own is published
  • Intervention and negotiations on your behalf with local trademark offices
  • Monthly reports updating you on the status of your trademark

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